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The Top cloud security providers

Today, there’s an increased number of companies which are going to move in the cloud space. In addition, it implies that cloud protection suppliers need to develop their service quality in any way the time. Based on A study conducted by Gartner last year, the main priority that comes through …

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Cloud Computing Governance and Compliance

To ensure a successful cloud deployment, cloud computing governance and compliance procedures must encompass all the necessary considerations.   Cloud computing governance and compliance is critically important for a key reason: cloud computing impacts so many aspects of our business and personal lives. As consumers, we think nothing of connecting to …

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Top 10 Cloud Computing Challenges

These are some of the top challenges of cloud computing — and how to address them.   Cloud computing challenges are numerous and thorny, to be sure. These days, everyone is in the cloud — but that doesn’t mean that they’ve figured out how to overcome all the challenges of cloud …

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Serverless Cloud Adoption At a Turning Point

Serverless cloud lowers costs, speeds deployment, and decreases management time. But do serverless adoption rates reflect these cloud enhancements? It’s safe to assume that serverless cloud computing adoption rates are heading up toward, well, the clouds. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) But various surveys – see below – show that serverless is still a nascent …

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Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence: 7 Trends for 2018

A detailed portrait of the cloud-based business intelligence market, from the expert who coined the term ‘business intelligence’  cloud computing. When it comes to business intelligence, Howard Dresner is the expert to speak with. Dresner is credited with coining the term ‘business intelligence’, and has been a thought leader in the …

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Big Data and Cambridge Analytica: 5 Big Picture Truths – Cloud management

The Cambridge Analytica news reflects larger trends in Big Data’s role in business and culture. You’ve surely seen the countless headlines about Cambridge Analytica. The firm’s use of personal data from Facebook has prompted outraged claims and counterclaims. Calls for investigation, a #DeleteFacebook movement, Mark Zuckerberg called to Congress to testify. …

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