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Top Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud computing businesses are springing up faster than flowers in the spring. The strongest sign of the new industry is the extremely popular start-up business, and that’s certainly the case in the cloud computing industry.

But after the first decade of cloud computing, with two distinct differences – whether you’re talking about public, private, or hybrid cloud services.

Firstly, unity can not be restrained from happening. Undoubtedly, big businesses have attracted small players, but large-scale startup businesses are still in a growth phase and do not want to buy.

Second, the presence of the giants in the field of cloud computing. Businesses are usually the last enterprise to grasp the technology, or at least extremely late. They love their current marketing model without owning a space for a new line – or they are afraid of the new model because it can discontinue their current marketing. This is true for emerging models, from SaaS to cloud separations.

It is not compulsory here. In the list of top 50 cloud businesses, you will see great reputations that have emerged in the last decade. They recognize the new trend has boarded, even when not in the first round.

Cloud Leading Companies


What started as an experiment to consume idle capacity has evolved into the largest, most comprehensive supply in the world. Its services range from computing, networking, storage, and backup to software such as DevOps and Databases. AWS is a 500-pound gorilla in the cloud and provides new cloud-based services.


Rather than scare the new model as it did with the Internet in the 1990s, Microsoft was pleased that the cloud had a full-on-demand service, Azure, and brought the largest cash cow, Office and SQL Server. Go to Azure for anyone to use. Helping Azure grow: the reality is that Microsoft owns a deep corporate heritage.

Google Cloud Platform

Despite its rule – and it’s big ambitions for the cloud – Google is running third in the race for cloud computing. For a while, it was considered a place to build cloud applications with App Engine, but that did not work. So, it has come up with a new strategy to “meet you where you are,” as Eric Schmidt said, and hired VMware founder, Diane Greene, head of the cloud marketing department. Google super powerful in AI and Machine Learning, two extremely hot areas in the next few years.


In addition to its massively distributed offerings to help transport to the cloud, IBM has promptly lured PaaS Softlayer distributor in 2014 and started distributing its user base and infrastructure. as a service. That’s just the start of Big Blue’s massive products, including managed services, SDNs, cloud services, and on-premise cloud servers and software.

HP Enterprise

Its Helion cloud service emerges but the HPE takes a deep root in the OpenStack community, providing a powerful foundation for cloud growth and bringing a platform in line with AWS to build private clouds. called Eucalyptus, among other features.


VCloud Air’s public cloud service offers three services: data center expansion, disaster recovery and data center replacement. VMware’s leadership in data center virtualization provides the company’s users with a high level of performance.


Pivotal, as part of EMC and VMware, provides Cloud Foundry, a PaaS service that provides a new way to build and develop software quickly and update it based on customer feedback. The course also provides training for users to build, deploy and provide analytical tools.


The on-site software giant used SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services, including middleware, databases, Java, security, and identity management services to integrate legacy systems. cloud computing systems. The bag is deep and ready to invest in the cloud.


The grandeur of SaaS, the business grew beyond the initial supply of CRM as proposed to provide PaaS through the provision ofForce.com, a developer of Site.com and a support system. called Desk.com.

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Cisco Systems

With sales slowing, Cisco has come up with a cloud-of-cloud strategy that has InterCloud ecosystems. It launched the Intercloud service in 2014 to provide cloud IT services to the company with two major components. Intercloud fabric allows workload movement, and Application Infrastructure (ACI) software to automatically provide resources.

Data Analytics Companies

Cloudera is one of the first players in Hadoop’s big data market. In addition to on-site software, it also provides a manageable, compliant, and secure version of Hadoop, not your own development. It is preparing for the initial share issue, owning estimated value of up to $ 1 billion.


Launched by IBM’s expatriates participating in the Watson supercomputer, CognitiveScale grew its large data conversion system and machine learning systems for decision-making and customer engagement. It provides specific industry knowledge to help vertical markets, such as healthcare.


GoodData’s marketing analytics tools collect data from 50 different data sources to help buyers analyze and monetize all of their data.

New relic

New Relic’s Digital Intelligence facility allows businesses to monitor and receive real-time, on-the-job information about infrastructure usage and performance so that they can timely resolve problems and Improve the experience of digital users.

Tableau Software

A leader in the excellent business software market as well as the cloud, Tableau Software Growth helps analyze and imagine large amounts of data to acquire intelligence and business intelligence. Its data analysis software can be developed in situ or in the cloud.


The foundation of Paxata provides data preparation for conversion and analysis, providing data integration, data quality, rich semantic, collaborative and administrative. It is built on the Apache Spark and is rationalized to run in a Hadoop environment, and is powered by a learning machine and a dynamic visual space to impact special management and collaboration.

Red Hat

Its cloud infrastructure provides an open IaaS cloud based on OpenStack, while Cloud SuitSpaces the application-based growth of the container. Its OpenShift PaaS provides a powerful means for rapidly building, storing and manipulating scales in the cloud environment.

Apache Software Foundation

It’s not really a business and has no employees, but does not own a list of significant cloud businesses that will finish in the absence of the Apache Foundation, whose work is essentially to give Big Internet, including cloud computing, Hadoop for Big Data and other potential applications.


OpenNebula identifies itself as a “open cloud” offering. It is enterprise-level open source cloud management. Basically, this is a form of data center virtualization, an extensible class that helps you streamline your enterprise cloud infrastructure.


Verizon has stepped into the company’s cloud computing market after re-discovering Terremark but is dismantling its marketing efforts to help users navigate legacy cloud services such as Amazon and Microsoft. . It also aspires to become a connectivity provider between cloud services and data centers.


With 55 data centers nationwide, CenturyLink provides public and private cloud services, including bare metal servers, IBM’s flagship sales force, and managed services. PaaS for writing applications without paying attention to the underlying foundation.


The giant manages to provide personal cloud management and both. Its first-class product is the CSC Agility Platform, providing management, administration and security through a broad spectrum of public and private clouds.


Salesforce for the little guy – but clearly carries a high position among the user base. NetSuite distributes ERP, ERP and e-commerce applications to small and midsize companies. It was acquired by Oracle.


SAP’s cloud offering is built on Hana’s in-built internal memory for SaaS business applications, PaaS for cloud computing platforms, and IaaS for on-demand infrastructure. All services are available from public, hybrid and private clouds.


One of the first in SaaS, its Creator platform allows to build and publish database applications online with a simple drag and drop platform. Zoho Creator helps you build custom web applications and mobile phones, automate workflows, and create custom reports.


The telecom giant is well committed to developing cutting-edge network infrastructure and data centers. AT & T is working with Juniper Networks to develop software-heavy networks that are growing steadily for the Internet of Things market, leveraging its significant connectivity offerings.

Juniper Networks

Like Cisco, Juniper has mandated connectivity from the network hardware to the cloud computing platform as the world moves to the cloud. Its Contrail Cloud platform harmonizes the automation of Contrail’s SDS product with Juniper’s OpenStack distribution plus the science of Ceph and Puppet to provide a turnkey solution for building the cloud. based on OpenStack.


Specializing managed cloud services and the OpenStack environment, Internap helps users build logical-bandwidth services for latency sensitive applications using the OpenStack environment. Enterprise AgileCloud is an IaaS service that allows developers to rent OpenStack hours or provide full-time hosting.


Managed service providers have collaborated with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to provide managed services for both on top of their managed cloud. Rackspace also provides web application hosting or PaaS, cloud storage, virtual private servers, load balancing, databases, backup and monitoring.


Ceph is a freeware storage platform that hosts object storage on a single distributed computing cluster and provides interfaces for object-level storage, block and file level. It provides Exabyte level scalability and distributed performance without bringing a single point of failure.


Carbonite has been strong on the back of providing users with online backups to their cloud-based data protection services provider, providing backup, storage and disaster recovery. This includes the acquisition of Seagate’s ongoing sales and disaster recovery company Evault.


Puppet specializes in Puppet Enterprise configuration management software, which automatically manages the cloud. Puppet Enterprise creates a PaaS-style distribution service for managing heterogeneous systems for monitoring, network, and storage.