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VMware/Cloud Health Technologies: Product Overview and Insight

VMware’s cloud migration capabilities make it easy to set up a hybrid cloud using the same tools that many enterprises use in their own data centers.


Bottom Line

As the cloud computing era has gained steamed, VMware’s traditional focus on the in-house data center hasn’t worked in its favor. Still, VMware remains one of the biggest enterprise players, with plenty of capabilities, so its cloud migration tools are a viable option for a key customer segment.

That segment: VMware’s cloud migration capabilities are best suited for enterprises that use its virtualization and other software in their data centers and want to set up a hybrid cloud. If you’re already a VMware customer, add cloud migration to the workload makes sense.

However, at this point VMware’s cloud migration tools are somewhat disjointed. On the upside, it has recently acquired CloudVelox and CloudHealth Technologies, which give it more comprehensive cloud migration capabilities. These acquisitions may allow VMware to create a more integrated migration and management platform that works well for many more cloud platforms.