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Mastering Security in the Cloud for Your Insurance Organization

How do insurers navigate both the security and compliance requirements to protect themselves in the face of changing regulation and more sophisticated cyber-criminals? The insurance industry is facing increasing demands from policy-holders, agents—even employees to migrate business processes to the cloud in order to meet their growing demands and expectations …

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Bad Rabbit extortion spreads in Europe

A new type of blackmail attack is spreading rapidly in Europe and has affected more than 200 major organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Germany. The new malware, called “Bad Rabbit”, is similar to Petya’s malicious intent on the corporate network, requesting $ 0.05billion ($ 285) worth of ransom to …

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First Titan V benchmarks show how it compares to a GTX 1080 Ti

Friday brought the unexpected news that Nvidia had launched “the most powerful PC GPU ever created,” the Titan V. While this $3000, Volta-based GPU is aimed at researchers, developers, and scientists working in the fields of AI and machine learning, we’re more interested in its benchmark scores and game performance. Thanks …

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